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American Express Cards
American Express offers students the APESMA and Blue Cash student credit card. In this article we will review the pros and cons of both of these American Express student cards and compare the two student credit card offers. Don't miss the tips on proper use of credit cards.

It can be difficult to get credit as a student. This is why many credit card issuers offer student cards. Student credit cards can provide you with the credit you need to build a history and achieve financial success. Most major credit card issuers offer student cards, and this can be very beneficial. American Express is one of those companies. For some students, it can be helpful to have a student card from American Express.

It is worth noting, however, that American Express itself does not issue a "student" credit card. It is possible to apply for one of the other cards from American Express (Blue Cash is rather popular). If you can get approval, you can usually get a high credit limit and a generous rewards program. Most American Express cards do have an annual fee, however.

APESMA Student Credit Card from American Express

One of the ways to get an American Express student card is to get it through another organization. The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA) offers a credit card for students through American Express. This is a credit card that offers some of the following benefits for those who qualify:

  • No annual fee. (Normally American Express charges a fairly hefty fee.)
  • Introductory rate and preferred interest rate.
  • Up to 55 days without interest on daily purchases.
  • One reward point for every dollar spent.

The APESMA Student Credit Card from American Express actually has two rewards program options:

Choices is a credit card rewards program that costs A $40 per year, and allows you to use Travelscene American Express to book travel. It also includes point redemption for gifts and vouchers.

Ascent includes everything that is available with the Choices rewards program, but also includes a frequent flyer program. Ascent costs A $80 per year.

Blue Cash from American Express

Even though it is not a "student" credit card, Blue cash can be rather helpful. It has the most generous cash back program up to 5%. Cash rewards are paid automatically, and it is easy to track your earnings. Additionally, there is no annual fee with Blue Cash, a departure from other American Express credit cards. The interest rate on the American Express Blue Cash card is prime plus 7.99%. Other benefits of American Express Blue Cash include travel, security and easy account management.

You don't have to get a student card just because you are student. If you have a good job, and some credit history, there is a chance that you can get any credit card that you want. However, it is important to carefully compare credit cards and make a decision based on the card that would be most beneficial to you.

Proper use of credit cards

It is a good idea to use your credit card properly. You want to make sure that you are make wise financial decisions, and that includes using your student credit card wisely. Here are some tips for responsible credit card use that can help you build a good credit history and a positive credit score:

  1. Only buy things that you can afford or pay off in three months or less.
  2. Make sure to make your credit card payments on time.
  3. Always pay at least the minimum amount requested by your credit card company.
  4. Do your best to avoid carrying a balance.
  5. Don't max out your credit card.

When you use credit responsibly, you set yourself up for a better financial future, and a student credit card from American Express can help you do that.

Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express.  Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express.  This site may be compensated through American Express Affiliate Program.

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