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Citi Student Card

Citi Student Card
With a Citi student credit card you can earn points for rewards. In this article we will review the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa card for college students and a bit abou Citi. We sill also give tips on using your Citi student credit card wisely.

When you go to college, one of the first things that you are likely to notice is that there are a number of credit card offers vying for your attention. Student credit cards can actually be a great financial tool. A credit card allows you to build a credit history, and if you have reward points, you can actually get something out of your card. With proper planning, discipline and the right student credit card, you can actually by making a wise choice with a student credit card.

Many companies offer student credit cards. Citi offers a relatively generous student credit card. This student credit card is easier to get than some of the "regular" credit card accounts. Additionally, a student credit card offers rewards that fit with your college lifestyle. This can be important, since you get the most out of your credit card when it is compatible with your financial needs.

Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students

One of the most generous student credit cards is the Citi card issued in conjunction with MTV. This student credit card contains a number of perks as well as a number of ways for you to earn points that you can use toward rewards. The Citi mtvU Visa is also, well, a Visa card. This means that it is accepted virtually anywhere that you can use a credit card. Worldwide, no card brand is as accepted as Visa.

There are several ways to earn rewards with the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa for College Students:

  1. 5 ThankYou Points every time you spend a dollar at bookstores, move theaters, music stores, restaurants and video rental stores. You get extra points for spending money where you normally would for entertainment.
  2. 1 ThankYou Point just for all other regular buying.
  3. 25 ThankYou points when you make your credit card account payment on time.
  4. 250 to 2,000 ThankYou Points twice a year, depending on your GPA. The better your grades, the more points you get.

You can redeem your ThankYou Points for a number of items, including gift cards and merchandise. You can also use your points for airline tickets and for entrance into MTV events. For many college students, this is a major perk.

Other nice features of the Citi student Visa credit card are that there is no annual and there is a 0% introductory rate for six months. These are prime features that can add value to your student credit card.

About Citi

Citi is a member of the multi-national Citigroup. Citi got its start in 1812. Citi has acquired Diners Club, the first widely used credit card brand, and has incorporated a number of other financial services as well. It is also possible to get student loans through Citi, as well as other financial services. Citi is well known worldwide, and can provide banking services in a number of countries. The company also provides education and tools for financial planning.

Using student credit cards wisely

While it can be a heady experience to get your first credit card, it is important to make wise use of the privilege. Credit cards should be used with discretion and discipline. And, if you want the maximum benefit out of your Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa for College Students, you should pay off your credit card balance every month so that you are not paying interest. Interest payments can destroy the value of your reward points.

Tips for using your student credit card to build a positive credit history

Part of wise credit card use is building a positive credit history. If you have a good credit history, you will be in a better position as you go to buy a car or a house, get insurance and even apply for some jobs. Here are some things you can do to help build a good credit history:

  • Make all of your payments on time.
  • Pay at least the minimum balance each month.
  • Try to pay off the entire balance on your student credit card every month.
  • Do not buy things you cannot afford.
  • Keep your balance low for all of your loans.
  • Check your credit history regularly to make sure that it is accurate. Dispute inaccuracies so that they are corrected.

If you are careful with your student credit card, you will find that it can be a great financial tool that had many advantages.

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