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Credit Cards Just for Students

Find credit cards that are offered just for students. Article gives details on the best college student credit cards offered by issuers such as Capitol One, Citi, and Discover Card. Get the names and offers on a college student credit card.

There are many credit cards companies out there, interested in providing credit for college students. And, while it is possible for students to apply for different credit cards, some cards are more difficult to get when one is living on a student's budget. This is especially true as the credit market tightens and lenders start picking and choosing amongst students for their credit cards.

Another factor is that Congress is considering making it more difficult for students to get credit cards. Some lawmakers are suggesting that students be 21 in order to get a credit card without a co-signer or income. This means that there are some credit card companies already preparing to cut back on what they will accept, requiring co-signers and asking for income before students can get a meaningful limit.

However, there are some credit card companies that offer cards just for students. These cards do not require co-signers, and have special programs designed to educate, as well as provide credit for, students.

Credit card companies with credit cards just for students

Credit cards just for students have special qualifications and programs. They often waive interest charges for a certain amount of time, and more lenient as to what sort of income you have to make. These credit cards are aimed at helping students establish credit (in addition to gaining new customers for the card companies, of course).

As you might guess, Capital One is the credit card company that offers some of the best credit cards just for students. Capital One offers two credit cards specifically for students:

  • Standard Platinum for Students: This card offers 0% APR for the first four months. There is also no liability if your card is stolen or lost. There are no balance transfer fees, and there are no annual fees.
  • No Hassle Cash Rewards for Students: The cash rewards card for students is a nice touch, since there is cash back involved. The interest rate is lower on this card than on the Standard Platinum for Students. The same initial APR applies.

Another company that offers credit cards just for students is Citi. It, too, has two different student credit cards:

  • mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students: The mtvU card is one of the ultimate rewards credit cards just for students. The idea behind it is to teach college students how to use credit responsibly. ThankYou Points are earned for such actions as maintaining a good GPA, paying your credit card on time and spending money for certain items. Points can be redeemed for a variety of consumer goods, travel and gift cards, as well as entrance to MTV events.
  • Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students: This is one of the few credit cards just for students that requires good credit. However, it comes with a 0% APR intro.

Discover also has its Student Card, aimed specifically at college students. This is another card that prefers good credit. There is a six month 0%* Intro APR on purchases interest rate on this card. This might be a good card for a student looking to upgrade a bit from the current credit card.

Choosing your student credit card is an important step. You should compare credit cards just for students, and make a decision based on what works best for you.

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