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Chase Student Credit Card

Chase Student Credit Card
Are you a student looking for a credit card? In this article we will review student credit card offers from Chase, Chase credit card history, and tips on how to use your student credit cards wisely to build your credit.

When responsibly used, student credit cards can be a great way to build up a credit history and earn reward points for free stuff. But before you start filling out credit card applications, it's critical to know a few basics.Different credit card companies offer cards specifically designed for student use. These cards are generally easier to get than regular credit card offers, and they offer bonuses and perks aimed at college students. One of the companies that offer a student credit card is Chase.

Chase +1 Student MasterCard

Chase offers a MasterCard for students who are interested in earning points and rewards. This particular credit card comes with a 0% introductory rate, and no annual fee. Often, if you sign up for this card on campus, you will also receive a bonus gift.

The Chase +1 card allows you to earn points with your purchases. These points can be used at the Chase +1 store in order to buy music, merchandise, movies and more. The products available at the Chase store often include such things as downloads that work with your portable devices. You can also earn Karma points on Facebook, showing that Chase has managed to integrate its student credit card with popular social media.

Another interesting feature of the Chase +1 Student MasterCard is that it allows point sharing. You can share your points with your friends, and you can even use your points to support causes that are important to you. This is a relatively flexible point system that offers a variety of options.

A little bit about Chase

Chase is part of J.P. Morgan, one of the largest financial services firms out there. The earliest predecessor to JPMorgan Chase was founded in 1799. The firm is massive and worldwide. Plus, the fact that the student credit card is a MasterCard means that it is likely to be accepted at a wide range of establishments both online and off. MasterCard is widely accepted in Europe, and the only brand more accepted than MaserCard is Visa.

It is a good idea to visit the Chase credit card site for information about credit, credit cards and tools and tips for more effectively managing your finances.

Responsible use of your student credit card

If you do decide that a Chase +1 Student MasterCard is the right choice for you, you should realize that it is important to use your card and your credit responsibly. It is easy to fall into the trap of easy purchases and max out your card. Pretty soon, after the intro rate is gone, you are paying interest on your balance. If all you pay is the minimum on a maxed out student credit card, it can take years to pay back. And you will end up paying three to four times the original amount borrowed by the time interest is added in.

Building credit is good, but if you want your credit card to work for you, you should follow these basic principles of wise student credit card use:

  • Only buy what you can actually afford.
  • Pay off your credit card balance every month, if possible.
  • If you do carry a balance, make sure it is something you can pay off within three months.
  • Make all payments on time and pay at least the minimum payment.
  • Check your statement each month for accuracy and to catch fraudulent charges.
  • Understand what fees are charged.
  • Watch out for the default interest rate.

If you are careful with your student credit card, it can be a good tool to help you build a good credit history and even score some free stuff.

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